wake-up-now-energy-drinkIn an ironic twist, the industry-leading energy drink got its own shot of energy recently, when its parent company announced an improved pricing structure. Called “Thunder”, it’s an energy drink which offers added benefits of vitamins, green tea, minerals, aronia berry and antioxidants.

No, not weight loss (see Forskolin for that), but it’s part of a family of natural energy drinks from parent company WakeUpNow. Awaken Natural Energy drinks are popular with consumers who want a boost but also want to remain health-conscious.

The called-out beverage has many residants calling Wake Up Now a scam…but, not so fast…

The More Who Try Thunder, the More Fans it Attracts

After less than one year on the market, Thunder is showing immense popularity among consumers. The team at WakeUpNow knew the time was right and that they were perfectly poised for a stronger launch of the product: namely, a revamped pricing structure. Read More →

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